1. Manuscripts submitted to the Journal are original works that have not previously been published (except for abstracts or reports presented in scientific meetings). Manuscripts that have been published become the editor's property, and the document may not be republished in any form without the editor's permission. While the article is being edited, the author is not permitted to submit it to other journals until the editor makes a choice to accept or reject the work.


  1. Manuscripts must follow the format outlined in this writing guide. All manuscripts submitted to this publication will receive scientific answers from peer reviewers as well as editorial responses. The Editorial Board has the authority to make form, style, form, and clarity changes to the text without modifying the content. Editorial will distribute papers to editors anonymously in order to protect the identities of writers and editors.


  1. If previously requested, unloaded manuscripts will be returned. The procedure for submitting manuscripts via the online system.


       Manuscript Preparation Instructions;

  1. Document preparation includes typing the manuscript and composing the contents of each section of the manuscript. The author must ensure that there are no errors in the script.
  2. Manuscripts are written in 3000-3500 words, Times New Roman font size 12 (except for the title, which is font 14), spaced 1, on A4 paper. The top margin is 3 cm, the bottom margin is 2 cm, and the left and right margins are 3 cm apiece. There are no indents and the paragraphs are separated by spaces.
  3. The page number appears in the upper right corner of the page. Figures and tables are not organized separately, but rather are incorporated into the text.
  4. A portion of the study paper follows the IMRAD format. It includes the title, full author information, abstract, keywords, introduction, methods, results, discussion, conclusions, suggestions, acknowledgments, and citations. The template for writing a document or manuscript follows on the next page.


      Article Concept ;

  1. Writing in the style of concept articles is a detailed and scientific literature assessment on a subject, with a focus on the last five years of advancements.
  2. There are no more than 3500 words within the text (20 pages)
  3. The writing style is identical to that of a research paper.